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My son in law was convicted of sexual assault based only on an accusation.

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In December 2009, four days after getting drunk and high on crack and pot, Aaron's mentally challenged drug addict 21 year old cousin, Lisa, accused him of holding her down on a broken couch and using his finger to sexually assault her 'for five minutes'. A friend brought her to the police where she told this story.  When questioned by police three weeks later, Aaron vehemently denied EVER touching Lisa but when asked if he ever smoked crack, he was scared to admit he had  and lied.  When he admitted the truth to the attorney his wife hired, he was told to keep lying about it or his original interview would be used against him. 

At the bench trial, with no medical testing or proof, Judge Bradshaw-Elliott took the word of the two female DA's that Lisa had the IQ of a thirteen year old & therefore wouldn't lie. However Lisa told conflicting stories on the stand and stated she NEVER used drugs. She claimed Aaron held her down and against her will forced her to smoke crack.

When questioned about the crack use, Aaron lied about using the crack and was visibly nervous. Unfortunately, that was what the whole night was about. 

Aaron's attorney didn't know my husband and I were witnesses to some of the events that day and knew that Lisa blatantly lied on the stand. He claimed he never received my voice mail messages. At the first break in the trial, I told him what we knew and he immediately went to the judge and asked that we be allowed as witnesses for Aaron, but she refused because we had been in the courtroom listening to LIsa's testimony. This was her right to do, but she also could have given Aaron the right to a defense to counter Lisa's statements. We, and many others,could have testified of Aaron's well known OCD about cleanliness. There was NO WAY he EVER would have touch Lisa. Never!

The two detectives who did the original interviews, claimed on the stand they had interviewed my husband and me on the phone, which is a lie. Why would they call us if they didn't even know we were there? They claim they took NO notes and didn't remember the time or dates they called us. Somehow that was fine with the judge,even though we had our phone records proving they had never called either of us.

It was a "he said/she said" & between the two women DA's & Judge, who stated she sympathized with 'the victim', Aaron didn't have a chance. His charge was Criminal sexual assault in the first degree of a mentally challenged child. He was sentenced to five years at 5% and 3 years to LIFE probation. 

He was due to be released in March 2013 but because he wouldn't admit to the crime, which he would have to do in order to take the mandatory sex offender classes, he was re-violated. Now, four years later, he's re-violated twice a year because we can't find housing that meets the requirements of a dangerous sex offender.

Aaron's three children, who were ages 4, fifteen months and three months at the time of his arrest, have had to grow up only seeing him at prison. They are now 14. 10 ad 9. 

Meanwhile, Lisa has given birth to THREE children out of wedlock, all of whom the state handed right over to her to raise.

Isn't this a conflict?

According to Judge Bradshaw-Elliott, LIsa has an IQ of a 13 year old, yet the same state she represents insists her IQ is high enough to be responsible for newborns, who now live in squalor with a drug addict mother and her friends. 

Aaron NEVER was a sex offender but he WAS a drug addict. He needed drug rehab not prison. But this experience has matured him and he's not the same man who walked away in handcuffs eights years ago. He's always denied touching Lisa and at one point, Lisa said she'd renege if she wouldn't get in trouble. But she doesn't believe she won't go to jail herself. This is a horrible injustice.

We are pleading for a new FAIR trial for Aaron with the same witnesses with our testimony to be heard as well. Please help bring Aaron home.

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