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        On May 5, 2008, Dominique M. Wright was arrested and charged with (count 1) attempted first degree murder with a firearm, and (count 2) aggravated battery with a firearm. At the time of the commission of the crimes, Dominique Wright was only 15 years old. On January 11th, 2012, Dominique Wright was convicted as a charge in the information. On March 2, 2012 the court sentenced him to 30 years in the department of corrections with a 25 year mandatory minimum on count 1 and a 20 year mandatory minimum on count 2. According to the Criminal Punishment Code Scoresheet, which was prepared by the Assistant State Attorney, the minimum sentenced allowable by law was 10.9 years in the Department of Corrections. 

       Moreover, Dominique has maintained his innocence. There was no DNA evidence that can prove that he was or is guilty, there are no cross statements by him, nor his co-defendant, there were contradicting statements by each victim. There were little to no evidence.  The state prosecutor was allowed to introduce two of Mr. Wright rap video's as evidence. The rap video's were largely why Dominique was convicted. The state prosecutor made the case about rap music. Rap music was mentioned more than the victim's name. It was clear that Mr. Wright  was convicted based solely on rap music. A good indication of prejudicial effect is that Dominique's co-defendant was actually granted a severance, because the rap songs did not involve him. Sure enough, he was acquitted of the same charge, likely because he was protected from such prejudicial trickery by that severance. Dominique's co-defendant walked out of court a free man. The contents in the rap songs had nothing to do with the instant case. Dominique stated exactly who he was referring to in the rap songs and neither of the two victims name were mentioned, nor were any reference to the shooting in question described.

      Dominique Wright was recently re-sentenced on March 14, 2018. He is in the process of filing a 3.850 Post conviction motion. The motion will address all the errors that put place during his trial; issues about rap videos, prosecutor misconduct and inconsistent statements, etc. One of the two victim stated Dominique did not commit the act in question. Dominique's co- defendant also stated that he had nothing to do with the crime in question. This is clearly injustice. Judge Cohen can change this injustice by entertaining this petition. Lets sign and scribe, not only for Dominique but for every individual who has been wrongfully convicted. 

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