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Vote him off the bench

Judge Arthur J. Lombard of the Wayne County 3RD Circuit Court Family Division took custody of my daughter on Monday due to me making a late payment for a family evaluation. I made the payment in full 2 weeks after I was ordered to do so and because of that he took my little girl and placed her with her father. Her father Kenneth Allan Pallazola has 2 DUI's as well as a possession of marijuana charge on his record. It is a very long story obviously, but I did some investigating and apparently there are other women he has done this to. If you look at and put "Judge Arthur Lombard" in the search you can read their stories as well. I also found that he has had 4 suits against him including: Racketeering and corrupt organization alligations. He has destroyed my family! I am not a perfect mother, we all make mistakes, but I do everything I can for my children. And notice I said children, I have another daughter who's father also tried to gain custody and it took him more time to fill out the paperwork than it took the judge to deny his motion. I am a good mother, I take care of my children, I do not drink or do drugs, I do not abuse or neglect them. Please help me get her out of the hands of an alcoholic/drug abuser! Thank you!

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  • Judge 3rd circuit court Wayne county Detroit Michigan
    Judge Arthur J. Lombard

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