Justice for the murder of “Frank” Francisco Santos

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Family, friends and the community demand justice! for the murder of “Frank” Francisco Santos, 19 years old from Fort Worth, Texas.

It was Friday afternoon when frank asked his mother for permission to visit his friend who lives nearby. Frank’s mother recalls her son was dressed in casual clothes, shorts, a T-shirt, sandals and the smile that always characterized him.

“I will only take twenty minutes then I’ll be right back.” Said frank to his mom. His mom told him to ask his father for permission as well. Frank asked his mom what vehicle should I take? His mother replied “ask your father for his truck” Frank then asked his father for permission to use his truck, got the keys and said goodbye to both his parents. This would be the very last time they would see their son alive.

More than twenty minutes passed by, Frank’s parents didn’t think much of it since it was normal for frank to be out for a few hours on the weekend. However... when frank did not return home later that afternoon, and when the family realized they could not reach him by phone that evening... they begin looking for him. The next day a police officer arrived at their door step. Frank’s mother answered the door, she still recalls the officer who spoke to her while holding back some tears as he told her ”your son was shot in the head, he’s on life support at the hospital, he may not make it.” the officer also said Frank was not carrying his ID which created a delay for the officers to immediately notify his family of what had happened to him.

Both Frank’s parents and brother received the news from the officer simultaneously as they overheard what the officer was sharing with frank’s mom. The officer said “I’m sorry to be the one who tells you this.” If there’s someone you can call who can drive you to the hospital please contact them. The officer told Frank’s mom she needed to be calm before going otherwise they may not allow her to enter the hospital due to Covid.

Francisco Santos, life was taken in the early morning hours of Saturday, August 22nd, 2020. “A River Oaks officer found the wrecked vehicle about 3 a.m. Saturday in the 1000 block of Keith Pumphrey Drive in River Oaks. He died at 1 p.m. Saturday at a Fort Worth hospital.” -Star Telegram Report


Family and friends believe he was targeted and called to be murdered that day. Police reported Frank was murdered with a bullet to his head. The doctors told the family upon arrival to the hospital, that there was nothing that could be done to save him. They kept him on life support through the weekend to wait for his grandparents to arrive from Mexico before he was unplugged from life support and his organs donated.

The family is destroyed “They destroyed our lives. All we ask is for justice to be done.” -Mother of Frank

Frank was more than a son, brother, friend, soccer player who always shared a smile and was always ready to help. Frank’s friends and the community held a vigil at the local park with balloons an candles days before the funeral and burial that was attended by family, friends and people in the community who were moved by Frank’s case.

“We spent time together a lot and he was there for me.” -Cousin of Frank

All suspects have yet to be charged or arrested after nearly two months of the painful murder, funeral and burial that followed soon afterwards which shattered the lives of family and close friends near and far.

“On his visit here to Mexico with the family, he was very pleasant, attentive and helpful, we will always remember him like that, with that pleasant smile that he wore everywhere.” -Cousin of Frank 

The reason for this delayed justice is according to police and investigator reports, the judge asked for additional evidence in the case in order to place charges and make the arrests.

“He was a really close friend and always showed love and cared about people, and was always there for his friends and family, he will always be remembered.” 
-Friend of Frank

All the family asks for is for justice to be done so they may have peace again, so their son’s soul may Rest In Peace.

This petition was written with consent from Franks mom who asked for justice to be done for her son. Please help us reach our goal by signing this petition and sharing with family and friends and on social media so my cousin Frank may finally have justice.