Save Lakeforest Mall!!!

Save Lakeforest Mall!!!

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Mayor of Gaithersburg Jud Ashman and

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Started by Kakaesha Sucahyo

Save #Lakeforest mall and repurpose it into a community centered mall!

Large department stores can be repurposed into homes (apartments, orphanage, and/or homeless shelter).

Health clinics and social services available on site for the needy.

Food court can be a food kitchen and grocery store.

Stores can be leased out, shared between small businesses, and repurposed for other necessities such as a postal office, gym, health clinics, social service offices, day care, and rental/repair store.

Resist demolition as it's horrible for the environment and repurposing old buildings that are structurally sound is much more sustainable!

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69 have signed. Let’s get to 100!