Petition Against Duncan Ranch Gravel Pit

Petition Against Duncan Ranch Gravel Pit

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Nicole Scherman started this petition to JTL Group dba Knife River

We, the residents of Converse County and/or State of Wyoming, are against the

Gravel/Hard Rock Mine proposed by JTL Group dba Knife River on the Duncan Ranch.

Land Effected - Sections 3,4,9, and 10 T32N, R75W of the 6th P.M.

Mineral Lease No. SG-01932 from the State of Wyoming covers 547 Acres of Duncan Ranch.

Reasons for Opposition:

Safety – Converse County School Dist. #2 bus routes for both Boxelder Rural School and Glenrock Kg – 12 use Boxelder Road/Hwy 90 the only road option for Commercial Trucking if Gravel Pit goes into production. The narrow width of road is a hazard, if large profile vehicles meet, one or both feel the need to go off the pavement edge to maintain safe passing. With the already poor road condition any increase in heavy truck traffic will only cause further damage.

Wise Use –The Duncan Ranch was purchased in 2005. Among the articles address in the original Mission Statement are the following -

“Enhance and sustain the rangeland resources”

“Promote the Ranch as an on-site, hands-on learning opportunity for programs like Ag in the Classroom”

“By law, the Ranch must be managed as school trust land for the benefit of Wyoming’s school children, today and into the future.”

Eye Sore – If a Gravel Pit goes into production the natural beauty of the ranch will be forever changed. The amount of dust and noise from crushers, haul trucks, heavy equipment and Blasting will cause its own damage to the area. Property Values in area will decline.

Wildlife Habitat – With the addition of traffic, people, noise, and construction in higher volume then ever seen before, the present natural habitat of Mule Deer, White Tail Deer, Elk, and various small game will change and be disturbed along with migration routes and winter range.

WYDOT went through a very costly reclamation project for the Hackalo Quarry when public protest over the unsightly scar caused by the gravel production could not be overlooked any longer. The scar remains on the mountain and is only 2 miles away from the proposed Duncan Ranch Gravel Pit. Would it not be wiser to stop another wound from happening, then try to cover the damage after it has happened?

The cost to each of us is HIGH, we will be losing what can NEVER be replace, not with royalties, not with surface damage agreements, not with lease payments. You can’t put a price on what God has made and we get to enjoy and live in. We all lose, except JTLGroup/Knife River who holds the lease and makes the profit while changing our way of life.

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