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Stop McDonalds Straw Pollution - "Own the Drink Run" Commercial

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Jr Ocean Guardians is working hard to educate lower level grade children on how plastic pollution affects our oceans and waterways, as well as the importance of recycling.  The kids are excited to learn and all pledge to help make a change to save our oceans from plastic pollution.  

Sadly, McDonald's has chosen to run a commercial with no regard for the plastic pollution they are creating every second at their restaurants.  While I realize that straws will never go away, please urge McDonalds to look into a sustainable option and not show a commercial where paper wrappers are blown off tons of straws.  It's a disturbing image for all of us who are trying to make our oceans and our world better.  

Single use plastic straw pollution is one of the top ocean and waterway polluters in the world.  While people are told these facts, it still continues to be an issue. Non-biodegradeable straws take hundreds of years to break down  Go to a beach clean-up and you will be picking up straws by the handful.  Unfortunately, these straws make it into the ocean and harm sealife.  Who can forget that image of a straw stuck in nose of a sea turtle?  This image is just heartbreaking.  Please join me and send McDonald's a message that it is time for them to move to a sustainable straw.

Thank you for your support.  This is my first petition and I have no financial gain, I just want to make the world a better place for future generations.



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