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Change Jenks High School start time to 8:30 instead of 9:15

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High school students have many after school activities such as sports practices, jobs, 7th hours, etc. With Jenks High School starting at 9:15 AM, many students will have even less time in the day to complete homework and do their extracurricular activities. Just because the school sets back its time does not mean that jobs will set back their shifts for students. The Board of Education members foolishly thought that teenagers would get more sleep if the time was set back, but it would just result in later sleep times at night. This is promoting bad habits and it is not realistic for hardly anyone in the workforce to go to a job that late in the morning. When high school students are used to this time to wake up and go to sleep, college will be difficult with numerous classes starting earlier in the morning. As a high school student myself, I can see no benefit to this new start time. 

In addition, younger children in the elementary and intermediate schools do not have as many activities that they seriously commit to. They do not have such hectic schedules as high schoolers so there is no setback for them to start school later.

For those who would like to wake up at a decent time in the morning and have time to complete all extracurriculars and homework after school, 8:30 AM is the optimal start time for Jenks High School. Those who are not early birds do not have to groggily walk around the schools in the morning either. After school scheduling for activities will not be as conflicting, with more time in the afternoon. This will give students a healthy habit to help the rest of our lives.

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