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Price regulation of Diagnostics services in Private Health care settings

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The problem statement:

Diagnostics is the integral and core part of  any health care system and provides informed decision making on Patient care. In India almost 75% of the expenditure on health care is out of pocket expenditure and mostly in the Private health care sector. This in turn is pushing millions of families into the poverty.  Any health care system should make people to come out of poverty but not to push into poverty. The bulk of  Out of pocket Expenditure on health care by the patients goes into DIAGNOSTICS services  like Blood tests, urine examination, bacteriological, pathological, Radiological ( X-Ray, CT-Scan, MRI etc..) and Medicines.  Private hospitals, individual laboratories, clinics and various other forms of clinical establishments charge different prices for different diagnostics services in the private sector. With this unregulated and unorganised sector of diagnostics services there is an immediate need of action by both the state and central government to regulate the system by standard pricing mechanism and enforce a strong law on diagnostic services provided by the private health care sector.

What we need?

1. To reduce the catastrophic health expenditure on the patients the central government should regulate the Pricing of various diagnostics services provided by the clinical establishments (All the private health care facilities providing diagnostics services).

2. Immediate enactment and enforcement of a law which guarantees services of diagnostics at fixed prices in every private clinical establishments in the country

3. A standard price list for various diagnostics procedures at private health care facilities at a very affordable costs wherein every strata of the society can access the services.

4. A standard chart price for various diagnostics services as approved by both the central government and state governments displayed in every clinical establishment.

5. Every patient and individual be informed and communicated about the standard and affordable pricing of diagnostic services.


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