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Petitioning David Stager at 585-797-1799 JPM Chase

need help HAMA that was appved by JPM Chase but danced cauing home to F/C

I want a home to go back to when I finnish with all of my health issues

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David Stager at 585-797-1799 JPM Chase
I am Jerry B. (43 yrs old), I am living with me folks in Houston Texas. I am fighting Lung cancer, Hip C, dementia, HIV+, Anxiety, depressant, and sleeping pills. My home is in Florida and I came to Houston due to better Hospital's are 100% better but will be returning back to my home in Florida ( maybe ). I got with Chase back on 1/26/2012 and did a Home affordable Modification Agreement that they except the pre trail on Feb 27, 2012. The trail period is until Aug 2012 where they stated that they sent the final Agreement to Modification my home loan ( which I never received ) I called them in August and talked with Diane Grant at Chase 888-708-2795 ext 3255093 and she told me the final was sent out by Fedex on June 19th. I asked Diane whom signed for the pkg and she told me that no one has to sign for the pkg that Fedex just drop it off at the door. I ask Diane how do you know if that person got the paper work? Chase could have said they sent out the documents and never did. Well Diane Grants got a hold of the document department to re print the documents. I did received the documents this time and returned the signed documents to chase in their time frame ( by Sept 5 2012 ) I made a copy of the Fedex return label that pervied and also printed out the Fedex Tracking schedule where they received it on time. I called Diane Grant almost everyday because Chase keeps calling me at least 9 times a day ( from 8am - 9pm ) . Diane Grant told me that they did receive my pkg on time and the system has not been updated. I told Diane Grant they kicked back my August payment back. She told me to do a cashier's check for the month of August and September payment ( I did so ) and mailed it out like I was told. I keep ed calling Diane Grants to let her know that have not cashed the cashier's check yet she told me not to worrier about that got the final agreement and it will take awhile for them to update the system. Well last week I got the cashier's check back in the mail from Chase. I called Diane Grant and told her that I got the check back and she told me that they did not approve my Modification and it was turned over to an attorney on Sept 19 2012 for forecloser ( GreenSpone Marder attorneys at law phone 954-491-1120 ) I called that attorneys office on Sept 9/24/2012 that I was told to do by Diane Grant with Chase. I was passed over to about three people and than I had to leave a message. I called again on 9/25/2012 and told them that I have left a message and still have not got an return phone call back. They finally sent me to a Nice person named Barbar Bishop at 954-491-1120 x1128. Barbar could not help me at this time but to give her a call back next Tuesday October 2nd 2012. I just need some help to see if I will have a home to go to in the future. I got a phone call back from Diane Grant on Oct 4th, 2012 tell me that after talking to your Manager David Stager at 585-797-1799 that I will not have to redo my Modification but now I am still behind on my home property on the Modification 3 months and with out the Modification 8 months until this day they are still rejecting my payments on my home unless I pay the amount of the late fee plus other fees on top of that. I was told somewhere in the ball park of over 5k to get the loan current.

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