Jpay Stamp Scam - Fair Prices for All.

Jpay Stamp Scam - Fair Prices for All.

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Beyond The Bars started this petition to jpay and

When a loved one is incarcerated it can take an emotional and physical toll on both the inmate and family members. So having communication with the outside world is imperative for all those involved and not being able to can have a severe effect on mental health. 

Jpay Ltd (A Securus Company) apparently prides itself on offering affordable services for those incarcerated to keep in contact with people who are in the "free" world. However, there are many issues that have been raised with regard to the effectiveness of their services and the "affordability" of different services available from state to state. 

We are here about one particular service which we feel is a travesty and unfair for so many people who do have loved ones incarcerated. 

Jpay is NO LONGER allowing you to buy stamps from one particular state and use them on anyone on your list. So, if you have penpals and loved ones in various states you now have to purchase stamps from EACH state and considering in Washington you can get 60 stamps for $10 but in Texas its $11 for just 25.

This is unacceptable not only because those who write numerous people now have to buy multiple amounts of stamps. BUT the insanely unfair charges from state to state. We are petitioning that JPAY rectifies 2 things.

1) Allows people to buy stamps from ONE state and then use said stamps for ANYONE on their Inmate Contact List. 

2) Prices for stamps should be fair and just throughout all states where Jpay service. We ask that prices are aligned with the current WASHINGTON state prices. Which are as follows:

$5.00  (Gets you 20 letters)
$7.50  (Gets you 35 letters)
$10.00  (Gets you 60 letters)

We the undersigned urge that these matters are rectified and the people involved do this as a matter of urgency as they knock-on effect can have negative consequences for those incarcerated AND those who support them. 

**Each state Governor has a part in this too as the state signs individual contracts deciding on the rates and profits**
Hebrews 13:3 "Remember those in prison, as though you are in prison yourself"

- Beyond The Bars (Being a Voice for The Voiceless)

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!