Inmate Communication Matters: Stop Jpay from selling defective tablets to our loved ones.

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Communication for Inmates incarcerated across America is paramount in continuing relationships as well as rehabilitation.  Families are already broken when a parent, child, sibling or loved one enters the prison system, but allowing communication for those behind the walls helps bridge the gap that is no longer available.  Inmates are more likely to avoid conflict and confrontation if they know their privilege to speak to their family cannot be ripped from them.  

Jpay has offered a tool for inmates in certain states to communicate with the free world via email on a tablet.  The tablets are very similar to a cell phones but they do not have cellular service.  The tablets are excellent when they work properly.  

Unfortunately, Jpay continues to corner the market and sells tablets that are ineffective, defective and become faulty in a matter of months.  Usually after the 90 day warranty expires.  When the offender attempts to resolve the concern with Jpay it takes upwards of a month or more to get a response.  Despite the promise to reply within 14 business days.  Families and friends are unable to contact Jpay to help their loved one, meaning the customer service representative refuses to help, hence leaving the inmate without their life line to the outside world. They are stripped of their communication with their spouse, parents, children, etc.  Some inmates have gone months trying to resolve the issue with no resolve then being forced to spend more money they dont have on a new tablet.  Other luxuries provided by the tablet is music, games and books, another life line the inmate uses to escape the horror of being imprisoned.  

Jpay needs to be held accountable for the lack of customer service and accountability.  We demand they extend the 90 day warranty and replace defective tablets at no charge if the inmate isnt at fault for the device being broken. 

They are literally taking advantage of people who have hit rock bottom, whom have no money and families that are already broken, struggling to make ends meet and paying for other things such as visits, phone calls, commissary, legal fees, etc.  Everyone understand nothing is free, however, these tablets shouldn't be breaking or not holding a charge within a few months of purchase.  A cell phone on the outside lasts us years so what is Jpay doing to these tablets to make them not work for longer than a few months.  

Jpay and Securus, who owns Jpay are clearly breaching the protection of consumer rights which is law in America.  

Please sign and share this petition to hold Jpay accountable and request that they upgrade their tablets, kiosks and systems to better serve our loved ones.  We are paying them so we expect a quality product and excellent customer service.



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