ANDREW P. SUH: Please support my clemency bid for a second chance in life

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“My name is Andrew Suh. I'm an inmate in the Illinois Department of Corrections. In 1995, I was convicted of murder and sentenced to 100 years in prison. I've spent the last 27 years locked away in a 5'X9' metal cage, a far cry from college where I was an honor student on scholarship.

At 13, I was an emotionally damaged orphan who would ultimately be betrayed by my sister who was my legal guardian. Today, I am a mature man, remorseful for the heinous act I committed. I seek forgiveness and pray you will find me worthy of a second chance at life.”

Andrew Suh is no threat to society but rather quite the opposite. Given his work ethic, intelligence and compassion, he would be an asset to a community. As a child he endured unimaginable trauma including the death of his father to cancer, and three years later, his mother being brutally murdered. But the worst was at the hands of his sister who, for her financial gain, convinced him to commit murder to save their family's honor.

Andrew's earliest release date is 2033. Help convince Governor JB Pritzker, that Andrew's sentence, given the vast mitigation, was excessive and that he is worthy of redemption. The Governor can grant Andrew EXECUTIVE CLEMENCY in the nature of a commutation and reduce his sentence but we need your help.