Joyride MTB Coaching Facility


Joyride MTB Coaching Facility

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Started by Cooper Downey

All MTB Lovers, do we have something for you!!!

Over the past 2 years, we have quietly been working on a project for all current and future Mountain bikers: the FIRST purpose-built MTB training and coaching facility, just 1 hour from Melbourne. Our facility is planned to be an Australian MTB industry leader, where you can take your riding to any level you desire. This is not just another MTB Park - our trails will be custom built from green to double black. With progressive, exciting, and some never before seen features, this facility, built to a world class standard will allow you to advance your riding, supported by high end coaching. The aim is to build the foundations to allow you take your love of MTB as far as you wish, whether that be learning how to jump for the first time, or racing World Cups, we’ll have a trail and a coach to help you. Get excited!

Originally, we were hoping to keep this a surprise until we had it ready to launch, but we need your help now. We have significant support from local traders and residents, organisations, clubs, environmental groups and the Traditional Owners -  who can all recognise the benefits and the positive impact this project will have, but there is a very small number of local individuals who don’t think the mountain biking family or the community deserve this awesome facility, and are trying to oppose it  – Booo! 

So, how can you help? Please sign our petition and ask all your MTB friends to do likewise – the more signatures we get by 18th May, the greater the chances we can bring this one-of-a-kind facility to you in the near future.

This petition, which will be presented to each of the local Councillors, is only to demonstrate your love of the sport, and how you can see the potential for such a facility – there is no commitment or other obligation in any way. 


Petition in SUPPORT of the Joyride MTB Coaching Facility

We, the undersigned, love the sport of MTB.

We, and our friends and families want to be able to improve our riding ability and practise on quality trails, which are well maintained and designed with riders’ personal development and enjoyment in mind. We want a place where we can improve our skills and advance our riding to highest level we desire, with access to quality coaching to ensure we are receiving the very best support.

The proposed facility by Joyride MTB will be a fantastic, unique addition to the MTB scene. Riders of all ages will be able to practise their skills in a managed environment, and then using those skills, go out and explore all the great trails on offer right across Victoria and beyond, with greater confidence and ability.

We ask you to please support this AWESOME Project.

Thank you - 

PS, we are NOT fund raising, so it's fine to just decline the "Chip in" button. Although PLEASE share this around to all your friends and family so we can make this happen!! 


This petition made change with 2,094 supporters!

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