reuniting kids with their parents

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I’ve never started an online petition but this cause was so important that I had to. I’m a mom of 2 young children. If they wander away from me for too long in the park or even when I can’t see them when they’re playing in the backyard, I get nervous. Alternately, if I’m late picking them up from school, they are nervous. My daughter told me once, “I thought you forgot about me.” when I was 3 minutes late to pick her up.

I CANNOT imagine the HELL the parents and kids who are being separated at the border are feeling. Many of these kids are too young to call out for their mommy but know that something is wrong. Many of them are suffering because their parents committed the crime of wanting to become an American yet being born in another country.

ProPublica reports that 2,300+ kids have been separated from their parents since April, when the “zero tolerance” immigration policy launched. This is the policy that allows our government to prosecute anyone who attempts to illegally enter the country and take away their children, some even younger than 4 years old.

As it stands now, there are a total of 11,700 children who are being held by the Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Refugee Resettlement. Their parents are being process through the Department of Homeland Security. These systems are not tracking which child belongs to which parent or where these kids are being held. During a detention hearing, one judge remarked, “If someone at the jail takes your wallet, they give you a receipt. They take your kids, and you get nothing? Not even a slip of paper?”

We have to do something fast to reunite these families!

I think one of the quickest ways to reunite these families will be through DNA testing.*

This online petition is to get 23andme to use some of their DNA technology to help reunite these families.

We’ll likely never repair the emotional damage and trauma that’s been done over the months that this policy has been enforced. We can help get children back to their parents.

Washington Post:
*The test results would be used for the sole purpose of reuniting kids with their parents. It CANNOT be used for any criminal investigation.