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Support House Bill 285: Suicide Prevention/ Awareness School Personnel

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On January 2nd, 2018, my best friend lost his battle with mental illness and took his own life. He was fifteen years old. It shook my school and community to the core, yet no one knew what to do or how to act. It was a helplessness that was felt by students and staff. A helplessness that should never be felt. The frustration was overwhelming. It was as if his name was a secret and the issue of suicide and mental health was something that made people uncomfortable. The only thing that should make people uncomfortable is the fact that schools full of children don't have staff equipped to deal with mental health and teenage death. The sad fact is, it is going to happen again. Children are going to take their lives. But, things can be done and things can be said to help prevent suicide. The resources that my friend needed weren't there. I don't ever want another student to feel as if they are beyond help or they don't matter. If faculty and staff were trained to deal with these tragedies as well as trained to know the warning signs, then countless lives could possibly be saved and schools would become a safe atmosphere again. Students wouldn't be afraid to reach out for help. Of course training is going to come at a price, but at what point do we sacrifice children's mental health for money? Schools are a part of the community where children spend most of their time. So what message are we sending them if we brush off their issues. This lack of understanding needs to changed. This change allows children to feel safe reaching out for help before its too late and that is a goal I hope everyone will want to achieve.

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