Leadership begins by putting Students First in San Dieguito Union High School District

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Why a recall of trustee Joyce Dalessandro?
We understand that our elected officials need to make difficult decisions. We initiated this recall because we have lost confidence in Dalessando’s ability to put the needs of all students above the adults in the District she has befriended over the past 22+ years. We have lost confidence in her ability to weigh the facts and contemplate the outcomes of her decisions while taking into account the needs of all students first.

The School Board Meeting is where the public is best able to understand our School District Trustees’ resolve to put students first. Over the past few school years, Dalessandro has demonstrated that students are not her first priority. Yes, we may be holding Ms. Dalessandro to a high standard, but we do this because of her time in service. We also do this, because why should we expect any less of our elected official who earns pay and benefits from the taxpayers and list’s her occupation as school board trustee.

We have lost confidence because we trust the School Board to ensure that there is a vision for the District, policies are in place and that safe practices are adhered to. Over the past year, activities have been brought out into the light that have transpired on Ms. Dalessandro’s watch. Her #1 priority should be supporting all students and hiring a good leader to lead our great District.

We have learned that under her watch the following has transpired:

1. Voting to provide students a second chance is relatively low. However, her voting record supporting an administration that continues to allow a second chance to predators on campus is high.

2. Supporting the hiring of a superintendent who lacks both a teaching and administrative credential.

3. Sacrificing student achievement to allow increased class sizes in order to promote the “me too” raise of administrators.

4. Disregarding the voice of parents advocating for the fair and equitlible treatment of special education students. Neglecting to support the most vulnerable of our student populations that drove parents to picket the School Board meetings in an attempt to be heard.

5. Allowing the District to negotiate away La Costa Valley Site to the City of Carlsbad – with no thought or questions about how it would impact our school and taxpaying community.

6. Continuing to support programs that mislead families into financial burdens when in fact our State provides a Fee Free Public Education.

7. Supporting special privileges for donors and private foundations that are not afforded to the general school community.

However, since the recall was initiated April 19th, some behavioral changes occurred during the most recent board meetings:

  • Trustees Herman, Muir and Salazar voted together and approved video broadcasting/recording the Board Meetings so that the community can get a true window into the actions of our school trustees and their positions. – Trustees Dalessando and Hergesheimer voted against the item.
  • Trustee Dalessandro disagreed with Trustee Hergesheimer to not move forward with the Board Governance Handbook because the language was deemed violating taxpayer rights regarding access to their elected officials. The last time we could find that the two did not vote in unison was the 4-1 vote to not accept TPHS Physics Teacher Harvey’s resignation. Hergesheimer was the one vote.
  • Trustee Dalessandro went against the Superintendent's recommendation to approve outsourcing the La Costa Valley Site to the City of Carlsbad. There was no record we could find that supports her ever disagreeing with Mr. Dill’s recommendations.
  • The unqualified superintendent on resigns on May 25th

In conclusion, having voted for Trustee Dalessandro time and time again, I am, as are many other parents, displeased with Trustee Dalessandro. Despite her many years of service, Dalessandro’ s recent complacent actions towards special needs students and her complacent, rubber stamping of the Administration , has lead us to the belief that our District will be better served by a new Trustee.


  1. Determine if you are a registered voter in Trustee Area 4 - add your address into the map to see your voting area.
  2. All registered voters in Trustee Area 4 - SIGN the hard petition by September 10, 2018.   
  • Petitions can be signed on Saturdays in various locations in Trustee Area 4.     
  • Send an email to recallJOYCE@gmail.com and one of our representatives will come to you to collect the signature.
  • Hold a recallJOYCE signing party to insure that we get the needed change in our District.  

Sign the Change.Org petition if you are a registered voter in all of San Dieguito Union High School District to show that as a taxpayer you want trustees who will be accountable and transparent.                                    

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