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Letter to Mr. Diaz Jr. and Ms. Ross-Morrison :

Oakland Tech should incorporate a thirty-minute advisory period into the school schedule, enabling teachers to provide the guidance needed, and students to get work finished. Students go to school late, exhausted, and apathetic, creating overwhelmed students to procrastinate.

Within my semester in Oakland Tech students continually complain about the homework to time ratio. Students further say that homework creates stress and that sometimes they stay up late to finish it. A Stanford research team states that “56 percent of the students considered homework a primary source of stress, according to the survey data.” Long-term stress disrupts how the body works, especially in children and teenagers. Being exposed to stress regularly is extremely harmful and can lead to additional complications.

A statistic pulled from the  Center for Discover states  that “About 20 percent of all teens experience depression before they reach adulthood.” That is one in five students, the numbers of teenagers diagnosed with depression are growing exceptionally quick, and stress is a factor. If 56 percent consider homework as a source of stress, then schools should be able to help.

Once during school, a group of friends were complaining about homework and one had said that, “Sometimes I think teachers forget we have a life of our own and it isn’t all about studying.” After school programs are popular among students, and so for students, time afterschool is limited. According to a survey sent out to oakland tech students, out of 92 students 58% have after school programs. Out of the 54 students who have extracurriculars 75% of them sleep late because of the time these activities take up. Meaning that they would have to sacrifice sleep, which leads poor participation in class.

Students should not have to sacrifice their passion to finish homework for a superficial grade plastered upon a paper.


During class, rarely is there time dedicated to asking questions. When class ends, students forget what they want to ask, or will not have the chance to ask, leaving them stuck on a problem. There is always the internet though not everyone has that luxury.

Students may not have the luxury of going on the internet or have the time to ask questions. Whether it be appointments, extracurriculars, or home responsibilities, students should all have time devoted to receive help and do homework.

Classes would shorten by five minutes to create a thirty-minute advisory period, typically before or after lunch. Problems and specific needs can be noted and answered with the help of an advisory period. Finishing the homework or even lessening the amount is achievable, preventing any stress. The advisory allows students and teachers to understand each other better.


Mr. Rey’s 5th period Cal Studies Class


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