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Stop body shaming on social media (Instagram)

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There are many victims of cyberbullying a specific target, being girls being told they aren't pretty enough to post pictures or that they should be insecure about their body. This topic is important to us because feeling bad about the way you look isn't right. We should embrace ourselves. Negativity doesn't help teens become confident and we can help by spreading positivity.The difference we need is to change Policies on social media so that we could filter out negative comments. Our goal is to obtain signatures to show Instagram that online users want to see a positive online community that spreads love. You can help by spreading the word on this petition to get as many signatures as possible. "Body shaming is one of the biggest problems in today's generation. Society doesn't just find humor in degrading a woman's body; they also find humor degrading a mans body. Body shaming has become a problem for both genders. People take their own insecurities and aim them at other people to make themselves feel better about their own body. Body shaming, while common in both genders, is especially harmful to women. Ariana Grande received a comment after being compared to Ariel Winter. "Curves are sexy sticks aren't" the comment stated. Ariana fought back basically saying how in no way it is okay. Celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Jonah Hill have also been victims of body shaming by many online users.comments like these are why both guys and girls have low self esteem."

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