Petition to Have Joss Whedon make a TV series where Nathan Fillion plays every role

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this is the most important thing right now...My life would be complete if Joss whedon and Nathan FIllion made this series a reality. I'd like to clarify that when I say Nathan Fillion plays every role I mean every single role including the animals and preferably some of the props, there would be one exception to that rule but we'll get to that.

I mean just imagine it the Narrator (Nathan Fillion) sets the scene as we're introduced to our two primary protagonist both played by Nathan Fillion one wielding a sword voiced by Nathan Fillion whilst the other give him cover fire with a gun that is also voiced by Nathan Fillion battling against a band of evil Nathan Fillions to defend a damsal in distress and the potential love interest for the series that is also played by Nathan Fillion.

the one exception to the rule of Nathan Fillion would be some kind of computer played by Alan Wray Tudyk who recognizes how ridiculous the situation is and points it out at least once an episode. I mean it practically writes itself