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Call Eobard Thawne "Professor Zoom" again.

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Professor Eobard "Zoom" Thawne has been called "Professor Zoom, The Reverse-Flash" since he was created in The Flash Vol. 1, #139 (1963) right until Batman Vol. 3, #21 (2017) since the Batman/Flash crossover arc "The Button" the character has been solely referred to as "Reverse-Flash" although from the one Flash Rebirth shot launch issue he was referred to him as "Zoom" for short and later his full name "Professor Zoom" is mentioned in the following issues until "The Button.

We are not asking for the character's title "Reverse-Flash" to be removed, we simply want there to be consistency as well as our favourite Reverse-Flash to be distinguishable by name from his successors and predecessors like he has been for over 50 years.

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