Joshua should be arrested for murder of padlock

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Hello everyone. We've all had moments where people have done horrible things to us. We've had moments where people dear to us have been stolen, murdered and tortured.

Jono also had a low moment in life when Joshua stole Jono's beloved MasterTM Padlock and threw it into a bush. After hours of tedious searching, Jono's search party came home disappointed and shaken. Jono's MasterTM Padlock was lost. There was no getting it back. We believe is justice. We believe in love. We believe in equality. What has been taken from Jono can be never returned. Jono had this padlock ever since he was six. It was taken from him in the cold of night. Joshua is a cold hearted murder. We believe serious Consequences must be given to Joshua. He should be charged for murder and breaking a man's life.

If this petition gets 500 supporters, we could literally arrest Joshua or force him to find the padlock.

The change-makers can do the following:

  • Donald Trump: Melt him with fire and fury
  • Bill Shorten: Become president of Australia and say Joshua bad 
  • Bill Gates: Literally make a robot army and arrest Josh 
  • Jeff Bezos: He's a goblin, he can eat Joshua
  • Elon musk: Can launch Joshua into space in his car in his v8 rocket
  • Jesus Christ: Condemn him to hell
  • MasterPadlocksTM: Make a new padlock
  • Obama: Cant do much now but he can get rid of Joshua's health care