Open City of Hollywood Playgrounds

Open City of Hollywood Playgrounds

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Katie Ferro started this petition to Joshua Levy and

It is time to unlock the park gates, remove the harmful plastic barricades that excessively cover safe play areas for small children in our city, and allow our children enclosed play areas, namely Eppelman Park.

Children need and deserve a safe place to play.

After over 7 months of having playgrounds locked, the City of Hollywood took to Eppelman Park this weekend to zip tie swings and ensure that once the gates were opened, the play areas would be covered in harmful plastic to militantly ensure children will NOT be able to play and explore.

The city currently has ONE person driving around to 20+ locations daily to unlock and re-lock gates, only to open play areas where children cannot play.

There is no benefit to allocating city resources to this cause that seems to wage war on parents and small children.

Parents of young children know being at a barricaded park would cause tears and tantrums, rather than a safe release of energy in our beautiful city.

After a hard year, pushing kids on swings is as healing to the children as it is to the parents.

The benefits of play are exhaustive.

Sunlight and rain water, two things our city gets plenty of, make excellent natural sanitizers.

As a person who frequented the park with my children for the last 5 years, I know this park is not one of the more heavily populated areas and opening it up to allow play would be one of the most harmless things we could offer.

There are many places more likely to spread a disease in more crowded and contained, less naturally cleaned areas that are quite literally all open - yet playgrounds in Hollywood are not only NOT opening, they are providing resources and time to cover them in plastic.

Broward County moved into Phase III on September 25, 2020.

Bars and restaurants operate at full capacity, including strip clubs in Broward County which have been open and operating since September 30th.

The Broadwalk and beach are open, as they should be.

Schools are open.

Neighboring cities of Dania and Hallandale have reopened playgrounds as early as October 19th.

In other cities, they have been open for much longer.

The playground in the Aventura Mall is open.

Even in Hollywood, the playground at Jefferson Park is open, requiring masks be available and worn within 6 feet of others.

Yet, in Hollywood Florida, the city seems to be choosing playgrounds to enforce the strictest rules on. 

Rather than allocated resources to obtaining and applying barricades, let's figure out what Dania and Hallandale have done and follow suit.

Please sign this petition and get our kids back to the playground, where our innocent children belong.

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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!