Require sign language interpreters at all emergency press conferences in Nassau County.

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The National Association of the Deaf (2018) has noted that there are approximately 48 million people who are deaf or hard of hearing living in the United States. In Nassau County alone, the United States Census Bureau estimated that roughly 31,792 residents had difficulty hearing as of 2016. This community is often susceptible to the dangers of emergency situations, such as severe weather conditions, if information is not adequately relayed.

As a result, we are seeking to eliminate communication barriers by supporting a bill that would require qualified and certified sign language interpreters to be present at all emergency press conferences in Nassau County, Long Island. Should this bill be passed, it will ensure that residents who are deaf and hard of hearing have the same access to information as those who are not. Having sign language interpreters present would make information available in real-time as opposed to delays and inaccuracies often encountered with closed captioning. With your support, we hope to not only pass this bill in Nassau County, but intend to make this a state-wide mandate. 

We thank you in advance for supporting this fundamental cause in the fight for a more inclusive and accessible world.