Stop Inhumane Live Animal Exports from Australia

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Around 3 million sheep, cows, goat, and buffalo get exported from Australia to other countries each year. Through this treacherous journey, they are exposed to terrible conditions, many dying before arriving at the destination - and even if they make it, they suffer even more cruelty from their new owners - even being killed while fully conscious. 

On these ships, these poor animals are exposed to extreme temperatures, very little space, heat stress, lack of sufficient food supplies, injury, disease, and are even forced to lie in their own waste for weeks on end.

It is scientifically proven that the space allowance standard (from the Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock) would have to be at least doubled to support the 70,000 creatures packed into only 10 decks. This space allowance is so small that these animals can barely access food/water, move freely, lay at the same time, or have the sick or injured recognized before it's too late. 

Up to thousands of animals can die on these ships - and even if they survive, they suffer an equally terrible fate. At their destinations, they are outside the protection of the Australian animal welfare laws - which means there are fewer limits to how they can be treated, some even being shot while fully aware. 

Our government needs to ban these exports. It is horrible treatment of our animals, and the practices are still legal even though our meat industry (harvested from humanely treated animals) has more of a positive impact on our economy. This inhumane cruelty must be stopped. Help ban live animal exports from Australia.