TNVA Parents Unite Against Current Class Connect Schedules

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Tennessee Virtual Academy has been such a blessing to so many families in Tennessee.  Most of us joined because we were unhappy in the brick and mortar school setting. We needed more flexibility in our child's schedule, we wanted more control of the education our children were receiving, and we wanted to be a part of that education!  TNVA has provided that and more until this school year.

We as parents and students spent an incredible amount of time last school year fighting and protesting the states attempt to close our beloved school.  Not only did we want to do this but also we were asked and encouraged to do so by TNVA administration.  Along with administrators we held our breath until the good news arrived in June that TNVA would remain open!

With what I presume were the best of intentions TNVA made some major changes. The worst of which was a very strict, required Class Connect schedule.  For general ed students it requires more daily class connects in addition to required OLS lessons.  For students who might be struggling the RTI program adds even more CC time.  Exceptional Education students are hit the hardest.  They must attend all general ed whole group and small group class connects, an additional four hours of EE class connects, and school provided therapies which are not even taken in account in the schedule.  Children who are using the MARK12 ELA program with the new schedule will have 5-6 hours of ELA per day.  They also are required to do all of the OLS lessons.  We are required to log 6.5 hours per day for attendance.  With the new full schedule starting Monday most students will need 8-10 hours to complete what is required.  Classes are scheduled back to back without any breaks for students to stretch, take a potty break etc.. It has been brought to my intention that some students schedule does not even provide a lunch break!

Student, parent, and teacher morale is at an all-time low.  There are many tears flowing and the excitement of a new year is gone. What was once an exciting family is now fractured. Families are leaving TNVA and wondering why they fought so hard to keep us open.  School administrators have drawn a hard line in the sand.  

What can we do? We do what any good family does, we unite together!  We take a stand!  We agree that we will not do 8-10 hour days nor will we work week-ends to stay caught up.

We respectfully request that there be open communication between administrators, parents and teachers. A town hall meeting scheduled this week to discuss changes and/or make changes to the current schedule.

If the lines of communication do not improve and changes are not made by August 28 I suggest a peaceful protest of class connects the following week. (Monday August 31, 2015).  Students will log required time and complete all OLS lessons but will not attend class connect sessions. I also request that students are not penalized as no one was penalized during Capitol days last school year.

Parents are encouraged to share their schedule nightmares in the comment section of this petition.  


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