Swap EPHS to Temporary Distance/Blended Learning

Swap EPHS to Temporary Distance/Blended Learning

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Josh Swanson

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Started by Autumn Pena

EPHS students and families,

Due to increasing COVID sicknesses, a lot of whom have been already quarantined as of the resumed classes on January 3rd, I have created this petition in order to request temporary swapping to Distance/Hybrid learning.

I understand this isn’t an easily done process, and I understand the affects it can have on teachers and students, but I believe it’s fundamental in maintaining a healthy, safe community.

Even a swap lasting only 2 weeks would be enough to drastically reduce numbers, and, in turn, protect the lives of many beloved families.

In the last 2 weeks alone, over 20,000 new cases have been reported. And, while I don’t have a way to receive a proper estimate, I’m sure students have noticed fewer friends appearing in class due to their quarantining.

By moving to blended, at the very least, you can help ensure that students that need in-person support can still receive it, whilst reducing the amount of students that are in classes daily.

This isn’t a change or a system that anyone WANTS, it’s a change that everyone NEEDS in order to ensure the health of students, janitors, teachers, and every other member of the EPHS community whom help our education thrive.

13 have signed. Let’s get to 25!