Make Facemasks Mandatory in Lafayette Parish

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Let's do what's right. Please consider signing this petition to urge our Mayor-President Josh Guillory to make masks MANDATORY in public spaces until a vaccine is available to the public.

COVID-19 positive infections in Lafayette Parish have increased from 793 to 2,359 from June 1st to July 1st, a 300% increase in 1 month.

If we we continue on this trajectory, we can estimate around 8,500 positive cases by August 1st affecting almost 7% of our population.

By September 1st, we will have 25,377 positive confirmed cases, affecting 20% of Lafayette's residents.

With every infection comes the risk of virus mutation and evolution. Although we don't have a vaccine to protect an inevitable infection, slowing the spread by wearing facemasks can save lives by preventing community spread and limiting the opportunities for the virus to mutate and change. The virus can and will fight against the human immune system, as it has already proven around the world.

If 80% of the population wears facemasks while in public, we can actually contain the virus better than a strict lockdown; however, masking at only 50% does not flatten the curve. 

We want to shop, live, eat and pray in safety and security. A mandatory mask ordinance is the only way to make these human desires possible while also saving the lives of our loved ones.