Keep PIKE at 10 Eagle Row

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Currently Emory is trying to remove us from our house at 10 Eagle Row, and we believe both the methodology and rationale behind such a move is flawed and unfair for the following reasons:

Emory’s reason for removing us from our house is that in the past we have been unable to fill the house.
The house has 20 spots, we currently have a list of 22 names of people who would live in the house.
Many of the rooms in the house that are considered to be a two person room are smaller than any of the two person rooms located in any of the dormitories.
IFC informed current chapter president, Zach, after the conclusion of the formal spring recruitment season, that there was an agreement between IFC and former president José Sandoval, that we would only be able to keep the house if we recruited 20 new members.  José denies agreeing to this, and IFC never informed Zach about this policy.
Emory suggested that our fraternity take a floor of a sophomore residence hall to use as our “house” which would be accessible to non-members and would have a non-PIKE Resident Advisor.
There is no conduct-based reason for PIKE to be removed, yet another chapter has serious rape allegations and they remained on campus.

Additional points regarding our situation and Emory include:


This year, formal recruitment for off-campus chapters took place at a location far and out of sight from fraternity row, putting them at a disadvantage.
IFC suggested that we perform formal recruitment out of a tent on Fraternity Row for the indefinite future.
The administration, on multiple occasions, lied to the chapter President regarding communication between Emory and the following people/groups: Beta Kappa chapter advisor, Beta Kappa AAB, the international fraternity, and several previous chapter presidents.
The fraternity that Emory is replacing us with had the same number of new members during formal recruitment.
Emory destroyed the chapter room of the original house (which to this day still has the brass door knocker with ΠΚΑ engraved on it) and turned it into additional rooms.
Emory removed a plaque in our original house that was dedicated to brother and current chapter advisor Larry Stoumen for his work on fundraising and building the deck.
Emory refuses to let us use a free standing barbeque and our current stationary barbeque is not only broken, but located behind our house within 10 feet of the Fraternity Row dumpsters.
Over the past summer, Emory allowed guests to stay in the fraternity houses, and when the fraternity houses returned, many things were stolen from the houses, including things from the locked closet where we store our ritual supplies.

We ask of you, to sign the petition below saying you do not support a school that treats its members like this and you will not/ will discontinue donating to Emory because of the repeated pattern of disrespect Emory shows its students.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give me a call or shoot me an email.  I attached my phone number and email below.  Thank you.



Zachary Ross Zlatin

President of Pi Kappa Alpha Beta Kappa Chapter


Kenneth Salkow-Shapiro

Internal Vice President of Pi Kappa Alpha Beta Kappa Chapter

Adam Leicht

External Vice President of Pi Kappa Alpha Beta Kappa Chapter


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