Stop selling Australian Agricultural land and food producing companies to foreign interest

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Eat coal, drink gas or reconstituted milk imported from China. We as Australians need to tell the Government and all politicians that we want Australia to be 100% food secure, something nearly every other country in the world is moving towards or are already at, for example China, Russia, Norway, Denmark, South Africa and Egypt are all doing everything they can to secure their agricultural lands and food supply.

We need to do the same, agricultural land needs to be the priority of Australian Governments, it needs to be owned by Australians, and the food produced needs to be prioritised to the Australian people.

Free trade agreements shouldn't allow foreign ownership.  Foreign individuals shouldn't be allowed to buy our land unchecked. Unless your an Australian resident residing in Australia the majority of time you shouldn't be able to own Australian land or natural resources.

Selling daries, milk companies and baby formula companies to China should be ringing alarm bells, this will not benefit the Australian people.

We cannot eat coal, we cannot drink gas, we can eat meat, fruit and vegetables, nuts, grains and dairy products. I don't want to eat imported food products or worse imported reconstituted milk that originates in Australia but is sent to China,  have unknown additives added, then returned to Australia. 

Australians tell the Government that we need to protect our agriculture, tell them you want Australian ownership of our land and ownership of our food producing companies, tell them we want 100% food security for our population, and tell them you want our natural resources protected and prioritised for Australians not the benefit of foreign investors.

We need to protect our food producing land and companies NOW!