Save cash - our right to access and use cash must be protected by law

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Our right to use cash must be protected by law

Some shops and retailers have “gone cashless” which denies the public the freedom to choose how they wish to pay for goods and services.

Cash is legal tender and yet shops are allowed to reject cash in favour of card and contactless payment methods, which can be surcharged.

Cash is safe, private, reliable and surcharge-free.

Cash is a back-up when other systems fail or malfunction. The RBA reported in 2019 that at least six million Australians from diverse backgrounds rely and trust cash for their everyday needs.

If the government introduces a ban on cash transactions over $10,000, we call for a guaranteed right to use cash for in-person transactions under $10,000.00. This would require retailers and businesses to accept cash (subject to existing regulations around maximum denominations).

Ensuring cash is secured as a payment option is in the long-term interests of the safety, stability and fairness of the Australian payment system. By signing this petition, you are calling on the Australian government to legislate to mandate cash as a payment option without surcharge for in-person legal transactions under $10,000.00.