Stop Australia's sharks from being killed before it's too late!

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We want to stop shark culling so that we don't destroy the perfect balance of our ecosystem. We are trying to persuade Josh Frydenberg to take action on this issue which is destroying our world.

By statistics, sharks are far less likely to kill you than other things we are doing nothing about. For example, dogs kill around 25,000 people per year while sharks kill an average of 10, however no one has suggested that we cull dogs, so why do we need to cull sharks?

They keep ecosystems in balance. A certain number of sharks ensures that there's a certain number of the member of the food chain next down, and the one after that, and so on. For example, sharks eat stingrays, which eat clams. If there weren't enough sharks, then there would also be less clams, because the increased number of stingrays due to there not being so many sharks would eat more clams.

They are only protecting their territory. Humans do not live in the water, and it is reasonable that sharks attack from time to time if we are invading their home. If someone broke into your house and you were there, you would probably lash out at them too.

We are killing sharks at a higher rate than they can recover. Humans have caused many species to become extinct so far, and at the rate we are killing sharks, they are going to become extinct too. The recovery rate for sharks is 4%, whilst the rate we are killing them at is 7.9%. Even at the moment, the great white sharks is listed as vulnerable and has conservation laws protecting it, so if we kill them, that is essentially breaking the law.

So knowing this, please sign our petition.