Recycle the plastic cover on Victoria

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Recycling in Victoria is at a low. Mass amounts of recyclable waste is put in landfill because coffee cups are questioned as recyclable or not and the fact that we haven’t got good enough recycling plants in Victoria to recycle these cups. We need better. We deserve cleaner. The advantages are obvious, Victoria will be so much more sustainable. There are only two recycling centres in Victoria and neither sift through the plastics that cover our land.

WE made one big step banning plastic bags. Lets make a bigger step and recycle more coffee cups. Coffee cups come through every single day, billions come with plastic covers, as well as water bottles, soft drink bottles and even milk and juice cartons. Millions and millions a year fill up our land. Even the coffee cups that show they're recyclable sneak a plastic cover in.

A new recycling plant in Victoria could do great things for the state, even putting people in jobs, reducing landfill and ultimately getting rid of this plastic abomination we know as "recyclable coffee cups". Help Victoria out. Recycle the plastic coating on cups. 

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