Josh Frydenberg - Extend the current Job Keeper and Job Seeker supplements for Victorians

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The Federal Government plan to reduce the current Pandemic support payments for Job Seeker & Job Keeper across the country from 28 September 2020, as a step back process, due to the Covid19 Pandemic lockdowns be lifted. 

However, in Victoria, the State Government has had to extend the lockdown period till potentially November 23 or longer for the majority of industries (dependant on infection numbers), to ensure that there is not a "Third Wave", endangering more lives.

We ask that the Prime Minister and Treasurer, immediately change their view that all of the country should be treated the same, in terms of support payments. It is very clear that Victorians are in need of more support than the rest of the country, so we ask that they postpone the date for a reduction in these support payments till December 31, 2020 or whenever Victoria is able to move to Covid Normal (as represented in the Victorian Government's Coronavirus (COVID-19) reopening roadmap).

This approach should then be then extended to any other states that also experience a second wave of infection, resulting in lockdowns similar to what is being experienced in Victoria.

We are all in this together, and the sacrifices that Victorians are making, in complying with these lockdowns, are to protect the spread throughout the country and save lives. It is cruel and unfair to impose these financial support package cuts on Victorians, which will undoubtedly seriously impact their mental health on top of the stresses they are already experiencing. 

Please do the right thing, and continue supporting Victorians over this difficult time.