Help to get the Australian Government to give Disability Carers and Pensioners extra $550

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Please sign to get the government to push through the $550 corona virus stimulus to include Disability support Pensioners, Carers Pensioners and Pensions for Seniors.

Carers save the government millions of dollars per year in caring for family and friends with a disability. Many Carers, people with a disability and elderly still have jobs. What happens if they lose their job? They dont qualify for anymore money than the basic rates for those payments. What about people who need to get medical services but cant because they cant have access to Telehealth because they dont have a laptop to do so? What about all the kids who need to now stay home and do online learning and their parents dont have a computer to use or even the internet connected because they cant afford it? Why should everyone else on payments get double payments to help them get back on their feet but the most vunerable in society are left at the bottom of the rung?

Please sign to get the government/ministers to change it to so that everyone is once again EQUAL!