Reinstate JobKeeper for childcare workers

Reinstate JobKeeper for childcare workers

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My message to the Australian government! Job Keeper ends on July 20 for early childhood educators, one of the hardest hit sectors financially by Covid!

But why? Female workers don’t have a voice. Female workers aren’t as valued!

We need to be heard and valued for being frontline workers putting our own health, and the health of our families on the line every day! If childcare was predominantly a male sector this this would never happen! 

As a director of one of the largest childcare centres in Western Melbourne and having worked in the sector for 15+ years I know of many educators which have been stood down and others have reduced the working hours of many! This week there will be many more as children will not return to care. 

Early educator providers can’t afford to not charge the gap fee as the government support package previously provided barely covered expenses so not charging the gap fee during this time would destroy ALL providers. And parents don’t want to send their children - they’re scared! I called 427 families last week and the message was clear - I’d rather keep my children home as we are in lock down and the threat of covid is too high risk! 

In Victoria families are told to stay home!!! So our numbers will dramatically reduce!!! Because that’s what’s the government is telling families to do! 

Any other sector and these staff would have access to JobKeeper... But not Early Childhood Educators, Why? Because it’s a women dominated industry. Because the Australian government don’t value the work of these women and men (but predominantly women) in the sector?  
Because they are women, you assume they have a male who is supporting them?

Something has to be done? Initially JobKeeper was over estimated by 60billion dollars - so surely the funds are there to support one of Australia’s lowest paid sector. 

Is Australia that country that doesn’t value their female workers????

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