Criminal justice for Westpac

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The banking industry in Australia is a lawless cabal of oligarchs blessed and enabled by both sides government and shielded from any personal ramifications for their flagrant and intentional breaking of the law.

Westpac itself and ALL staff that knowingly supported, designed, implemented, oversaw and CHOSE not follow the law have now been directly responsible for the facilitation of terrorism, child abuse and other heinous crimes.

Drag these people before the courts, and if guilty, jail them and re-possess their assets to be liquidated and donated to a reparations fund for their victims.

Australians are sick of being taken for a ride and having these untouchable cabals suck every dollar they can from every shady industry they can while pretending not to know about it.

This was intentional. This was flagrant. This demands justice. The victims deserve justice.

Westpac may as well have assisted in the abuse, for they designed or implemented a system which INTENTIONALLY did not track this data.

Programs are written to a specification. Westpac were not unaware of these risks: they accepted them and were so prepared to perpetuate the counter-lie of ignorance as to request their shareholders to stump up the possible fine under false pretenses, for which they face further, likely ineffectual, action.