Ban Plastic Straws in Australia - The Last Straw

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"Every piece of plastic created still exists in the world today."

Without our planet, we as a species would not exist today. Without our planet in the future we will cease to exist.

"Plastic waste in the ocean is responsible for the death of over 100,000 sea mammals and one million seabirds every year. Not to mention plastic waste leads to the contamination of fish used for human consumption through the ingestion of micro plastics and toxins." - Under The Ocean

Over 10 millions plastic straws are used in Australia each and every day, contributing to the estimated 150 million tonnes of plastic in our oceans today. By 2050 experts estimate there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

Plastic Straws, much like plastic bags that have already been banned, have viable alternatives that are eco-friendly and do not harm the planet and ocean. 

We have all experienced that moment where we sit down at a restaurant and out comes a glass of water with a plastic straw in it. Why!?
In most hospitality venues we enter in Australia, we are given a straw without any thought attached to it. 

It is time to make a CHANGE, take a stand and BAN plastic straws from our country altogether.


Please do your part as an individual, sign the petition and SHARE with your friends requesting they do the same. We need to collectively take action to make an impact.

Say "No plastic" when you are at a restaurant. Refuse to use plastic straws and spread awareness.

This petition was created by Alexander Waters - an everyday Australian who is fighting for change.