Changing the 2-Way Stop back to a 4-way Stop at 5th & Jefferson Ave in Moundsville, WV

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The oil and gas industry has increased the population and the amount of traffic Moundsville, WV. It has also created the need for more entertainment. To meet this demand, the Strand Theatre (intersection of 5th and Jefferson Ave.) has become more active with a variety of events for the community.

The 5th & Jefferson Ave. intersection has become more congested with additional traffic. Being a two-way stop, it has become a dangerous intersection for patrons of the Strand Theatre and BB&T Bank, which is diagonally opposite.

Where First, Second, Third, Seventh, and Eighth intersect with Jefferson Ave. are all four-way stops, Fifth and Sixth Ave. are only two-way stops. This is illogical. Actually, for more than twenty years, the Fifth and Jefferson Ave. intersection was a four-way traffic light. Approximately six years ago, the intersection was downgraded to a two-way stop.

This decision was made at a time before the oil and gas industry peaked as well as a time when the Strand Theatre was still being restored. With more children and families attending the Strand Theatre for events as well as frequent foot traffic, changing the intersection from a two-way stop back into a four-way stop either by adding a traffic light or placing two stop signs on Jefferson, would drastically increase safety and reduce traffic incidents for patrons and residents of Marshall County, especially in the evenings. On top of local traffic, there is now an excess of traffic traveling on the Jefferson Ave. extension through Moundsville to avoid the road construction that is on Route 2, which is projected to be completed by 2020.

This proactive decision to change the Fifth and Jefferson Ave intersection back into its original setup of a four-way stop would create the safest traffic pattern for not only the citizens of Moundsville, WV but for everyone who visits the city. Thank you for your time and consideration.