Get Convicted Sexual Predators And Child Abusers Out Of Our Schools

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There are currently convicted rapists and child abusers attending our local schools, and there will continue to be more if the legislature in Ohio does not take action. Due to the fact they are minors, confidentiality laws prohibit school staff, students, and parents from being notified about the nature of their crimes or the fact that they are attending. Local school boards have no legal authority to challenge this system.  These decisions are made in a court room with only one goal: rehabilitation for the offender. Convicted offenders are frequently mandated to return to school, often after only having served a short period of time in a juvenile detention center for brutal crimes.  Rehabilitation is important, but so is the safety of all of our students.  These convicted juvenile offenders are riding the bus with students (often before daylight), they are sharing locker rooms, bathrooms, they are volunteering with special needs students and are often getting individual help (in one on one settings) from staff. They are not allowed to be identified to parents or staff, therefore they are not monitored any differently than any other student. These juvenile offenders have been convicted of the most severe levels of abuse and rape, and are at a high risk to re-offend within the community at large.  Please sign in support of making laws that prevent tier III sex offenders and other violent felons from attending public schools or any school related functions.  There are alternative educational opportunities more equipped to handle their specific needs towards rehabilitation, all while keeping our students and staff safe.

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