Save Jericho - Say "NO" to Marriott

Save Jericho - Say "NO" to Marriott

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Jericho Residents started this petition to Supervisor Joseph Saladino


On 5/3/2019 Friday, the Town Clerk published the meeting agenda for the 5/7/2019 Town Board meeting. One of the items is the decision to be made on the Kimco application for a special permit to build a hotel on the Milleridge Inn parking lot in Jericho. This would be the last chance for our voices to be heard before the Town Board make a decision. Please come to the Town Hall located at 54 Audrey Ave., Oyster Bay, NY 11771 at 7 pm on 5/7/19 Tuesday. Sign up your name with the Town Clerk so you would have a chance to be called upon to speak. Let your opinion be heard!

Per today's(03/15/2019) conversation with Town Clerk's office, the Town Board will need to set a date for the Supervisor and Town Board members to cast their votes, at a public meeting. The date has not been set yet. Depending on the complexity of the issue, the date for the vote can be a few days away or can be weeks away. Our case is a complicated one, and the date for the vote is supposed not in a few days unless the Supervisor and the Town Board members have already made up their minds. In any event, once the date is set, we will know and we will inform you. At the vote meeting, the public can also voice their opinions.

For now, the Town Clerk is able to continue putting email comments, hard copy statements, etc, into the record. This also includes, in that it will forward petition updates to Saladino from time to time, and it will become part of the record. So if you have not done so, you still have time to sign up for this petition.

The 01/29/2019 public hearing at the packed town hall lasted till 1 am the next day, and it could not accommodate all the signed-up speakers time to speak. The town supervisor announced that there will be a 45 day period for the record to be open accepting comments. It would be up to 3/15/2019. Almost all the resident speakers at the hearing spoke against the hotel. Please sign up for this petition to show your opinion on this matter before 3/15/2019.

[Original petition]
Dear Neighbors,

Your attention is urgently required that your voice should be heard at or before the 1/29/2019 public hearing (originally 12/11/2018, rescheduled upon our request), regarding the building of a hotel on the current Milleridge parking lot in Jericho, between Marshalls and the Milleridge Inn (“the Project”). 

As Jericho or Town of Oyster Bay residents, we should oppose the building of such hotel for the following reasons:

  1. Despite of previous promotional meetings or even newspaper publications which maybe all orchestrated by the developer of the Project, per a Town of Oyster Bay memo, the Project will result a shortage of 404 parking spots at the site, under the zoning and building regulations. The developer is petitioning a “Variance”, which is a petition to get an exemption to get away from the regulations which demand 404 parking spaces for such project. The Project and the variance should not be approved and we should let the Town hear our objection. We are talking about 404 parking spaces, not 4, which a variance is more applicable. The memo is attached.
  2. The surrounding area of the Project includes the Jericho Public Library, a Park and also Jackson Elementary School and Middle/High School not far, the Jericho Commons (Marshalls, Whole Food, Bank of America, Starbucks, the Post Office, CVS, and another dozen of stores and restaurants and Jericho Atrium). If the 404 parking space shortage is created, the crowding of the Jericho Commons will be unavoidable. Secondly, without a enough parking spaces, people will naturally try to park nearby the Project. The Library, the Park, and the Schools, just mention a few, will be impacted. Everyone going to Jericho Commons, the Library, the Park and the Schools will encounter traffic congestion. Currently the traffic is already bad as it is. We see that Jericho school buses from time to time park at the current Milleridge Inn parking lot, as a staging area, before going to pick up the kids in the area. Once the Project is completed, the school buses will also be affected, not only in terms of staging, but picking up kids in the morning and sending kids home in the afternoon/early evening will be more difficult if the streets are parked with cars, the overflow of cars from the Jericho Commons.
  3. The problem is that the Project is built on the current parking lot between Marshalls and the Milleridge Inn. Due to the size of the Project, which includes a swimming pool, it reduces massive amount of current parking lots, and the near 100 units of the hotel, per zoning regulation of room to parking ratio, need about 100 parking lots to be added. The reduction of current parking lots and the mandatory requirement of one parking lot for each hotel room, has resulted a 404 parking lot shortage affecting the whole Jericho Commons, and nearby areas.
  4. The safety concern for our kids is more serious than parking and traffic problems. As one of the protestors on put his reason: “The library, park/children play ground, all just across from the hotel; the elementary school and middle/high school are all within walking distance. The near 100 room hotel, if average 2 guests a room, that’s about 200 strangers. They live in the middle of all the places for the kids. And the strangers will keep changing, since it is a hotel. This pose a serious safety concern, pose danger to the kids. The hotel should not be built at such a location”. Another protestor wrote: “Please stop this immediately. Our kids need safe and secure neighborhood. This hotel project has serious security concerns. My kids should be able to walk to library freely, one of the reasons I bought my house in this neighborhood. The place is already congested and can not take any more commercial over ahead. Stop this madness”.
  5. The above information, as far as we know, has never being disclosed to the public in the past 2 years the developer has been campaigning for the Project. Not only that, the hearing notice for the original 10 am 12/11/2018 hearing, rescheduled upon our request to 7 pm 1/29/2019 7 pm,  which should be sent to residents by the developer, was sent just recently on 11/28/2018 to limited residents. Its attorney’s letter also has not mentioned these important facts about the parking shortage and the close distance from the hotel to the library, parks, residential houses, and schools. Such above listed practices have revealed a lot of the character of the developer. All Jericho residents need to be notified since clearly all Jericho residents will be affected one way or the other in that, besides the school bus issue mentioned above, we all go to the Jericho Commons to shop, eat, and do banking; to the Library and the Park, to send our kids to schools. These places are all near or directly across from the Project.
  6. The hotel is right outside the backyards of some of the residential houses on Merry Lane. This is a privacy invasion. As one of the residents told a Newsday reporter recently: “That will definitely damage our lives. We will have no privacy at all”. Newsday 12/11/2018.
  7. Some of you may think that the revenue generated by the Project may reduce our tax burden. But the truth is that it is commercial development, not new resident units. Resident units will generate direct tax to increase the real estate tax pool and therefore reduce our real estate tax accordingly. On the opposite, per recent Newsday report, the developer will get millions of taxpayers’ money in benefits and tax exemptions, including property tax breaks for 20 years. Newsday 12/11/2018. We pay the ultimate price of traffic congestion, safety for our kids and decreased quality of life.
  8. As Jericho or Town of Oyster Bay residents, we need to be united as one, regardless where you live. As above mentioned, you will be affected no matter where you live. Do not fall into the trap of the developers which, we believe, purposely sent only notices to some residents. You might be affected more next time, and you will need the support of the whole community.
  9. There are other reasons we have not listed here since we want to keep it concise. As one of the protestors on summarized it:  “Developers DO NOT care about our community -The hotel development is at the heart of our quiet Jericho neighborhood, right behind backyard of resident's houses. Destroying integrity and stability of our neighborhood. Pack up your nasty plan and move it out of Jericho!” The bottom line is that the developers will make a profit, at the price to be paid by Jericho or Town of Oyster Bay residents.

Please voice your objection by signing the attached objection statement, and or attend the public hearing on 1/29/2019.

Please voice your objection anyway you can, including

  1. Signing a notarized statement (This is considered most important evidence of objection for the town board).
  2. Showing up at the government hearing on 1/29/2019.

Please find all the supporting documents and most recent updates at

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!