Fair internet would protect American jobs, businesses and the best interests of children!

Fair internet would protect American jobs, businesses and the best interests of children!

21. Januar 2019
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Joseph Robinette Biden (President of the United States)
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The Internet grows and grows and thus occupies an ever larger part of our lives. One reason for this growth was initially the numerous possibilities and the FREEDOM that the Internet offered. Meanwhile, online trading is very important to our economy.

At the beginning - what is now the big Internet site - there was a good idea that was the cornerstone of the success of many corporations. However, with the influence of investors, these ideas have changed.


Today's internet is at risk:

  • Jobs in the US and worldwide
  • whole industries
  • and teenage health.

For more information, see: https://apoos.com/criticism-of-the-internet/


The market power of the Internet is in the hands of a few Internet companies. These are already generating sales of several hundred billion US dollars annually. Some of them even have cash reserves of over $ 100 billion.

As one could see from a hearing before the US Congress, these companies do not seem to get enough.


User under pressure to act!

Regardless of the area in which you are active, if a search engine devalues ​​your site and thus your product range, you will make less sales. If your focus is online or online trading, this can be life-threatening. In theory, at least, you have two options. The first is to forego sales if you can afford it. The second possibility is to buy your visibility back with the help of advertising programs offered by search engines or social networks.

A few years ago you would have said that the few cents per click are not bad. Today, however, the few cents have turned into a few euros per click in many areas. Of course, these costs can then be passed back to the consumer, but what does that actually mean?

Due to its market power (too little competition), a company / search engine / social community has the opportunity not only to determine the price for the survival of a company, but also to destroy it, e.g. in which the company concerned is not allowed to advertise or the prices are correspondingly high. In my view, there is no transparency here.


A search engine gradually brings its own product areas onto the market and thus effectively deprives the American economy of the lucrative business areas and thus further strengthens its position of power and profits.


What will the future bring? If the current situation does not change, these companies will continue to ask for any amount! If the greed of these platforms continues to rise, not only individual jobs or companies are endangered, but entire industries! Personally, that makes me very thoughtful.


  • I. I see one solution in changing the competitive situation. We need new platforms that on the one hand offer competitive functions and do not neglect the aspect of the free internet.
  • II. Implement the catalog of measures here in PDF format


I myself have already started two attempts (2008 & 2011 - 2017) to launch a corresponding platform. The concept for my fair all-in-one community or social media & marketing platform can be found at https://APOOS.com. By the way, I have self-financed the first two attempts, for the third attempt I need financial support.


In order to equate market power and to reduce a possible risk to jobs and companies, I consider the following point to be useful:

  • I: Provision of funding for the APOOS project by the US government.
  • II: Review and implementation of our catalog of measures to protect American jobs!


- We urgently need more fair competition to protect jobs
- To reduce manipulation
- and to reduce the market power of the major Internet companies.

Then support this petition.

I thank you!

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33.244 Unterschriften:Nächstes Ziel: 35.000
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  • Joseph Robinette BidenPresident of the United States