We call on President Biden to ban kill shelters in the US

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We call on President Biden to ban kill shelters in the US. Cats and dogs are killed by lethal injection without anesthesia, which causes these animals to die in excruciating agony and are held in place by brutal methods. In some kill shelters the gas chamber is used!!!! They throw cats, dogs, rabbits and other animals into the gas chambers, all together and they, frightened, fight each other while being gassed, twice! All these animals are killed for surplus, without the killer shelters making the slightest effort to find a family for these animals, who live in fear of dying, without receiving adequate care, are often given medicines that have expired or no medicine! Furthermore, none of these kill shelters promote cat and dog sterilization campaigns, they merely brutally kill them. Try to think of the anguish that a cat or a dog feels, suddenly abandoned in a kill shelter, in the midst of strangers and in a place that smells of death ... without the tranquility of a house, the love of a family ... these kill shelters must be transformed into NO-KILL SHELTERS. If President Biden is the president we hope him to be, he must implement this change as soon as possible, respecting the lives of animals and in honor of all animals brutally killed.