Childhood mental health

Childhood mental health

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Started by Nicole Metcalf

Make a change for Mental Health and behavioral issues for our young children.

There is a lack of programs, resources, and staff in Manatee County FL. As well as all of Florida state as a whole. Leaving the bare minimum of care for children 12-17. Scarce help for the children 4-11 year age group. 

High need children and families struggle daily to get proper mental health care they need. The lack of funding, staff, or options for programs is causing a crisis in our county, state, and country as a whole. The programs in place are mainly limited to the 12-17 year age group. Those are also the bare minimum. Manatee county is one of very few counties in the state of Florida that has an established C.A.T. Team for children in the age group of 5-11. Many counties do not have help for 4-11 year old age group. 

A lot of the excuses we hear are as follows:

* This is a retirement state

* It is behavioral issues

*  We don't have state taxes so there is limited funding.

* We can't raise your children for you.

There have been families that have been born and raised here since the beginning of settlement in this state. There are so many families and children that are over looked. Being there is an epidemic for drug use and sex trafficking, so many grandparents and great grandparents are raising grand children and great grandchildren. Seeking help for our children whom have mental health/ behavioral issues that is not asking for the law enforcement or anybody else to raise our children for us. This is because we have done everything we can for them and there is no change in their behaviors. This is also because their behaviors have become so violent or unsafe we fear something very horrible may happen if we do not have mental health or behavioral interventions set in place. 

We need children homes, residential programs, respite, P.I.N.S. (person in need of supervision), and behavioral redirection programs for our younger children. More family based help and support for those whom have a child or children that struggle with mental health, aggressive, violent destructive behavior. 

Mental Health is a serious issue in this country as a whole. It does not discriminate against gender, race, or age. So, let's be proactive to help even the youngest of our kids. It takes one person to make a change. Let's stand together and make a change for our future, Our children are the future! Their mental health matters!

Please help me and many families like mine to be proactive. By starting to instill proper mental health/ behavioral interventions for the children whom are over looked.

The earlier we start with redirection, the less likely our children will be in the juvenile detention center or the adult criminal system. 

This is personal to me. I have a 7 year old son who struggles with mental health issues and which is accompanied with destructive and dangerous violent behavior. I hope to make a difference for him and so many more like him. I am not the only parent whom has a child or children like mine. Imagine it is hard for me in my early 30's to physically handle my son's behavior, how can we expect 50-80 year old grandparents to handle children the same way?! Our families need help and resources!

91 have signed. Let’s get to 100!