Biden Should Take Actions in Sudan to Save its Democratic Transition

Biden Should Take Actions in Sudan to Save its Democratic Transition

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Mr. President,

We the Sudanese-Americans in USA, were very hopeful and optimistic when your administration supported the great revolution of December 19  internationally, diplomatically, and economically.
In response to the coup of October 25, 21, your administration ceased its stimulus economic support in an effort to limit the coup leaders’ access to financial resources. It also demanded that the regional supporters of Burhan and Himetti issue a statement to advocate for the Sudanese people’s desire to reach their democracy and civilian rule.

Yet since then, your policies have changed. You are choosing to play a passive role in helping Sudan. Sudan doesn’t seem to be a priority in your democratic agenda anymore. As of October 25, 21, 62 peaceful protestors have been brutally murdered on your watch including Jan 9th Million Marsh. What have you done so far other than encouraging negotiations with the tyrants and condemning the generals’ actions? You claim to support democratic transition in Sudan, however, your actions are inconsistent with the democratic Party’s principles. Today, you are supporting the UNITAMS Initiative that calls for the Sudanese people to negotiate with their oppressors, while you plan to sponsor an international democratic summit soon! Mr. President, if a criminal is aiming their weapon to your family, would you negotiate with them? The current military structure with its repressive actions is the real enemy of Sudan. If you would like to help Sudan restore its transition to democracy do the following:

- Stripe the infamous generals from their power. Expedite imposing individual sanctions on Burhan and Himetti. Tell them directly to cease fire or else.
- List the rebranded Janjaweed (RSF) a terrorist organization.

- Call out Israel on its logistic support of internationally banned weapons to Sudan.

- Call out the IRC on its siding with Himetti to clear his criminal records.

- Call the UNITAMS to protect the civilan protestors from the joint forces of Himetti and Burhan. It’s a part of their current role in the transition.
- Urge Sudan as a UN member, to sign the anti tear-gas use treaty during demonstrations. 

Finally, the US. and its allies will benefit a lot from a stable Sudan on many levels. One benefit, is security in North Africa and the African Horn. Another benefit, is partnering with Sudan economically in the Red Sea and eliminating the Russian interference in the region. A third benefit would be eradicating the Islamist Bashir Regime and preventing the Muslim brotherhood from extending its ideology again in Sudan and the North African region. 

Mr, President,

Take actions please. The situation in Sudan is severally dire and cannot afford anymore miscalculations. 

Thank you,

Freedom, peace, and justice for Sudan.

God bless America.

Your democratic Sudanese American Voters.

On their behalf, 

Fatima Gindeel



319 have signed. Let’s get to 500!