Make New York City Accessible For Everyone.

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This summer, I had emergency surgery on my knee. I was confined to a wheelchair and my summer in New York City was extremely hard to navigate - most specifically within the subway system.

Only 85 out of 425 subway stations are accessible to those in wheelchairs. How can I have a normal day in the city, if I have to wheel down multiple blocks to get to a station that accommodates my condition? Although my injury is temporary, this is a permanent reality for many, many people - 100,000 people according to the 2016 census.

I am disgusted with how neglected the disabled are and that the MTA continues to ignore their needs.

Only thinking about it for a few minutes, I have already thought of a solution to help fund the building of more elevators -  allowing an optional donation for accessibility when someone purchases a Metrocard.  I can create solutions within a matter of minutes, yet the MTA has, for years, not found a solution to an issue that DISCRIMINATES against people.

I've created this petition so that the MTA decision-makers can understand that the disabled are people too.  

Please help me, and your fellow New Yorkers, have an easier way to experience all that New York has to offer.