Bring Back The Cookie Cart

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The cookie cart has been at Stafford for many years and it was a nice break during the day to get a quick snack. The cookies were made by culinary students and sold by volunteer mothers. Now, cookies have been removed for “healthier” alternatives such as honey buns and poptarts. However, those prepackaged snacks are in fact not healthier than the freshly made cookies. The average poptart contains 410 calories while the average honey bun can have up to 570 calories. Although the ones sold at SHS now are advertised as being reduced fat which only means they have likely been more processed and ultimately are still just as unhealthy. The students are not small children and are capable of deciding if they would like to consume cookies or not. The students have expressed distress over the removal of the beloved cookie cart and hope to be able to work together to bring it back, perhaps as an addition to “healthier” snacks.