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They are our future. What our world will become. Lets change the cycle!

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We need a change in the way our Child Protective Services function. Placement of these children matter, it effects the  evolvement of the world and the new generation for us to leave life skills behind. Sometimes parent's get caught up in situations that leads the CPS or DSS to get involved and that can lead to removal of a child to protect them and make sure they are getting the care they deserve. Those people that step up to provide that get lost and forgotten and then the bond they make with those children is immediately torn away when they are gave directly back to the parent's after minimum effort is gave to show how safe it is for them to be there. Specifically speaking on our situation, we (Joseph & Brandee Kowalczyk) received Rose in the middle of the night with no clothes that fit and formula that was making her sick. Both parents was involved in drugs, larceny & simple assaults. My wife just knew this child could not go home with just anyone she had to be safe so she spoke up. Once CPS got there they had to meet with the mother in jail and ask her if it was okay to leave her child with us, as soon as that was confirmed we filled out our info and went home. Rose was very sick and over weight, she weighed 27lbs at 6 months of age she could not stop crying and she would not hold down any food on top of double ear infection and the addition of with a upper respitory infection and collic. she was immediately took to the emergency care facility and her case worker was notified. Her mother was released from jail the following day. The CPS worker informed her she needed to call immediately to DSS so that they could speak with her. After a week she finally appears. We were informed she needed to take a drug test because of the arrest reports and the physical warrant for the mother. She never did so. During this week Rose still remained sick, we couldn't get her Medicaid card from the worker until 4-5 days after I had her in my care. So together as a team me and my wife decided best to find it ourselves do to the child's illness and the emergency care informing us that they had no information on her,so we called ourselves to get her what we coud that's when we realized just what we we're really stepping into.After a day or searching we found her physician. But Rose had not been seen for her monthly check ups and had missed so many appointments the doctor's office was actually not going to schedule with us. Upon letting them know what was going on they quickly went into action and told us she was so far behind on immunizations she would get her 6 month shots when she was almost one. The first visit she was diagnosed with acid reflux meaning she was gave water or something that was not digesting with her. She went through multiple types of formula and she would want a 8 ounce bottle every ten minutes to soothe the ulcers that had formed in her mouth. We paid for all of this out of pocket. Monday rolls around and we inform the worker of this and ask her about WIC. So that we could afford the correct food, she explained she would get back with me. After two days of waiting we finally took that on as well and went to the WIC office and got some help. She had WIC currently with vouchers that would have covered her a complete month but when we received the child she had no formula and she had no doctor prescribed medication. She had no cereal and no veggies or fruits. Rose is 14lbs over weight and she still fights with us daily consistingly wanting a bottle to console her.  This has made her develop bad behavioural skills already. Throwing fits of rage and tantrums. She Covers her face with blankets to soothe which is not safe but all of this happened because she was allowed to do so. This petition is our way of asking for help. CPS and DSS want to place this child with a unfit mother and father. She could be one of the children we all see on the news, or she can could continue this path being lead by her mother and be in the same situation with her kids her self. Let's make the change together. This is not her only child this is her fourth child and all are in foster custody but this is her smallest. And she is carrying another currently. Making Rose the fourth chance to make it right. They have no home and no jobs.

Sign our petition to keep Kyndle Rose Hubbard here safe with us. She is our little Rose Bud.

With love and kindness,

The Kowalczyk's

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