Newton should ban styrofoam NOW!

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To whom it may concern,

Imagine waking up and finding your pet or baby dead. Imagine feeling extremely sick and discovering you have cancer. You look out your window and see withering trees, brown grass, and dead birds littering the ground. You see the ocean, sludgy, full of dead animals, and a sickly shade of copper. This is what what styrofoam is doing to us. I believe that styrofoam should be banned. It’s toxic, it hurts animals and humans, destroys the ecosystem, and has only a few upsides that just aren’t worth it. Here is why I believe it should be banned.

It’s literally toxic. Sounds bad, right? You don’t even know the half of it. According to a survey taken at the Park School in Brookline, many people are clueless to many of the poisons that are released by styrofoam. It releases gases into the atmosphere and leaches neurotoxins,  carcinogens, carbon black, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. This leaching risk further increases with temperature, as well as substances such as oil, which is VERY common in food packing. And I haven’t even said what it requires doing to obtain styrofoam. In order to get your hands on some, you have to release greenhouse gases and do thing that destroy the earth, such as fracking. This is because the factories that manufacture them release gases via smoke pipes and open windows, and in order to get your hands on polystyrene you have to frack. Plus, burning styrofoam releases even worse things, such as carbon monoxide and acids.

Let me ask you something. Do you like animals? Do you have a pet or a certain type of animal that you like? Imagine them choking to death on styrofoam. Yeah. I know.  Another reason styrofoam should be banned is that when styrofoam gets into the ocean, (and it will get into the ocean) aquatic animals ingest it and get poisoned. When it gets left out on land, animals mistake it for food and eat it, domestic or otherwise. It puts toxins in the air, ground, and sea which poisons them. And then there’s humans. These toxins can give humans some bad diseases, such as cancer. If an infant eats it, they would probably die. The toxins in styrofoam can spread during pregnancy, meaning the babies cas get sick and even die. “The average newborn today has over 200 toxins in their bloodstream,” says toxins expert Stewart Lonsky. “Styrofoam increases that. Reproductive health becomes a real focus when you talk about toxins. This can lead to death. The last thing we need is a new kind of plague that you can order from your local Mcdonalds.” The gases leaking from the factorys poison humans and animals. So if you care about the things that populate this planet, you should definitely stop styrofoam.

Finally, styrofoam is EXTREMELY bad for the ecosystem. Styrofoam never, ever biodegrades. Ever. This means that when it’s on land or in the ocean, it will stay there, poisoning everything around it. What it will do is break into microplastics, which are very bad. These microplastics are basically mini versions of normal styrofoam. Now, I can hear you saying “Smaller? That’s good! They can’t do much harm if they’re tiny!” Nope. Each microplastic still kills animals, still releases toxins and gas, still never biodegrades, still destroys the earth. Imagine this: a styrofoam cup floating in the ocean. That’s bad. Now imagine the styrofoam cup gets multiplied. A lot. Those are basically microplastics. Plus, it’s non-recyclable, meaning that it will either get destroyed and therefor releases smoke and gases, or end up littered on land or in the ocean and kill innocent creatures. Not really a good option. This is the only earth we got, and we want it to last as long as possible.

In conclusion, I need you to make a decision. Wait an extra thirty seconds when you want to take your food home and don’t use styrofoam, or use a substance that poisons animals and humans, pollutes the planet, gives people diseases, makes things choke, leaches toxins, releases gases, doesn’t biodegrade, is non-recyclable, and that destroys the planet. The choice is all yours. I hope that after reading this you see that styrofoam is a terrible substance and should be banned. Thank you.


Charles Vest, rising 6'th grader at the Park School, Brookline.