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Stop taking photographs of students in lecture!

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Culture Art and Technology Program Staff

Associate Director for Writing Amanda Solomon

Instructor Joseph Hankins

This petition of the Students of CAT 3, Alien Worlds

We, the students, urge the staff of the Culture Art and Technology Writing sequence to stop capturing photographic evidence of students in the classroom, with the following reasoning:

  • Our official course contract – the syllabus – contained no mention of recording/photography being conducted in class. As such, no student has legally consented to being photographed or recorded. 
  • Lecture halls and classrooms are spaces for individuals to learn in a safe and encouraging environment. Having instructors that roam around the classroom gathering evidence with which to enact punishment creates a strained and unsafe environment that distracts students from learning. 
  • All UCSD students and faculty are expected to act with professionalism and respect for others. Grabbing individuals, forcing a camera in their face, and secretly taking photographs of individuals is considered intrusive and inconsiderate in any environment, much less a university classroom.
  • Distributing photos of students without consent is dangerous and potentially illegal. If the images contain private information (even if this was not the intention of the photographer), legal action could be taken for distributing these types of images.

We, therefore, ask the staff of the Culture Art and Technology Writing sequence to:

  1. Stop capturing and distributing images of us, the students, in lecture. 
  2. Give directions in the classroom by talking to us directly rather than attempting to scare us into submission.
  3. Stop yelling at us in the classroom. We are adults, and although the staff is in charge in the course, we still deserve the same amount of respect that we give to the instructors.
  4. Allow us to make decisions for ourselves. We attend class of our own free will. We pay large sums of money for these classes, even though they are required and we do not choose to take them. As such, we should be allowed to decide how we use our lecture time and not be subject to harassment on behalf of the staff our money and time is dedicated to.

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